Super Smash Cat: Extreme Update #4

What happened in this update:

1: Updated graphics.

2: Updated Shield mechanic.

3: Added a temporary platform ability every 5 seconds.

4: Added a few more cheat codes, adding the settings button reducing lag.

4: Added 1 map and updated 2.

5: Re-Added the character change button.

6: Updated the menu.

7: Removed 1v1v1.

8: Added a "Health bar" which just like ssb if it goes to 100 the other player will get launched off of the map.

9: Removed all of the items, Medkit and Ammo.

10: Removed Ammo limit.

11: Nerfed fireball ability to 2 shots every second.

12: Updated Bot gamemode.

What will happen in next upadate:

1: Re-add medkits so it will remove a random percent off of the "Health bar"

2: 3 more maps.

3: A few more cheat codes.

Cheat codes:

Double, (Makes everyone jump higher)

 Big, (Makes everyone big)

Small, (Makes everyone small)

Trap, (W.I.P)

 Big_Bullet, (Makes everyones fireballs bigger)

Gavin, (For trolling my friend)

Clear, (If the graphics get pixelated this will clear it, for the earlier versions of the game)

Restart, (Restarts the match)

Party, (Disco ball will fall from the ceiling and will start to make everything rainbow)

Mobile, (Lets you control P1 with buttons, only works for bot gamemode)

 P1_Bad, (P2's taunt)

P2_Bad, (P1's taunt)

 Sus,  (Amongus)

Settings, (Opens settings)

 Catendo (Just a little branding.. ;) )


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Nov 22, 2021
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Nov 22, 2021

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